Everything but highland pipes!  Shira Kamen, violin; Fiona Gillespie, soprano; Bradley King, tenor; Harrison Hintzsche, baritone; and instrumentalists of the Elm City Consort

​The rich musical heritage of Scotland consists largely of music that was handed down from one generation to another by oral traditions. Beginning in the 17th century, musicologists and composers began to collect, arrange and publish hundreds of these traditional ballads and folksongs. This music was immensely popular; so much so that composers including Haydn and Beethoven wrote – and sold – their own arrangements of Scottish folk songs. We look forward to presenting some of our favorite pieces of this tradition alongside works by Scottish composers written for more formal entertainment. 

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‘Remember me my deir’: Early and traditional music of Scotland

Sunday, April 14 at 5 p.m. | Bethesda Lutheran Church (450 Whitney Ave.)